100 Steps is dedicated to encouraging walking in the scenic Oregon outdoors, especially for folks with limited mobility.

When miles are too far…try steps!
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Lumbermans and Railroaders Memorial Park

March 7, 2015

I think our car has a special auto-pilot designed to seek out bodies of water. It kicked in as my husband and I turned into Lumbermans and Railroaders Memorial Park during a visit to Garibaldi. Landing at the water’s edge – or as close as our small SUV could approach – we proceeded to enjoy the fresh air, and a view of bay, beach, and bobbing boats. We never seem to tire of rippling blue…

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Depoe Bay Wayside

February 24, 2015

If you’ve travelled between Newport and Lincoln City, odds are good you’ve stopped at the Depoe Bay wayside. The ocean is right there next to the walkway that runs along Highway 101, with parking tantalizingly close. Who could resist? The weather does its part to contribute to the allure. The sun adds sparkles and enhances the vibrancy of the frothy foam lapping the rough, dark rocks below the sidewalk. Perhaps even better, stormy seas and…

Recent Addition

Chetco River South Jetty

February 12, 2015

The Chetco River South Jetty was our go-to spot during a spring camping trip to Brookings.   Before or after nearly every outing to other scenic venues, my husband and I found ourselves parking adjacent the walkway and Sporthaven Beach. Accompanied by snacks, take-out seafood grabbed at the harbor, or just camera and binoculars, the view of the jetty, ocean, surfers and fellow beachgoers was always a treat. We even spotted a lighthouse from here, which…

Recent Addition

Yaquina Bay Bridgehead Day Use Area

January 4, 2015

According to Oregon.gov, an average of 16,500 vehicles per day cross the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon. You can get close-up bridge photos and even touch one of massive pillars supporting all this traffic at the Yaquina Bay Bridgehead Day Use Area. Perfectly suited for imbibing in the bayside sights, you can appreciate the novelty of this unique location while walking, resting, and picnicking, beneath this stunning architectural wonder. A supreme view and optimal…

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