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100 Steps is dedicated to encouraging walking in the scenic Oregon outdoors for folks with limited mobility. It documents a collection of walks on the Oregon coast that can be reached in short distances — measured in steps — and describes terrain and resting options to help you determine if a destination is appropriate for you.

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Kilchis Point Reserve

December 11, 2014

Education meets recreation at Kilchis Point Reserve. Native plant gardens, a walking path, and abundant interpretive signs comprise a self-guided outdoor museum just a block from the south end of Bay City. It’s obvious those who have contributed their time to developing, improving, and tending Kilchis Point Reserve have done so with pride and care. The parking lot could be pavement, or even gravel, yet is laid with cobblestone pavers, embellished with an ornamental circle. The cobblestones...

South Beach Marina

December 6, 2014

The South Beach Marina at the Port of Newport is not the largest marina on the Oregon coast (or even in Newport), but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in variety. A pretty harbor is backdropped by the Yaquina Bay Bridge framed against open sky and the rippling blue of Yaquina Bay. A nostalgic paddleboat converted into a unique and luxuriant floating inn rests adjacent the walkway, which ends at picnic tables in wind-reducing enclosures providing a perfect vantage of harbor, bridge, and...

Barview Jetty County Park

November 15, 2014

Rain was predicted for the entire week. Regardless, my husband and I headed out for a fall camping trip based at Nehalem Bay State Park. The sun played tag with the clouds as we meandered up the 101, 10-foot travel trailer in tow behind our 4-cylinder small SUV. These weather conditions were perfect for – you guessed it – rainbows! And we were granted a splendid show. In the last half of our travel, we saw not less than a half dozen of these beautiful tricks of light. They varied in vibrancy,...

Roundup: Oregon Coast Lighthouses

October 23, 2014

Lighthouses bear an air of mystique. Tragedy, hauntings, beauty, calamities, restorations – whether presently active or decommissioned, each of Oregon’s coastal lighthouses has a colored past and a rich story to tell. Thinking of a lighthouse as merely a uniquely shaped building set in a beautiful, dramatic location with the sea at its feet does not even begin to do it justice. It’s worth reflecting on the purpose of these coastal guardians. In the words of a former lighthouse keeper: When a...

Mingus Park

October 7, 2014

If you’re in the vicinity of Coos Bay or North Bend and have an inkling for a pond-in-the-park experience – that being walking and picnicking near water lilies and friendly ducks – then you can stop at Mingus Park. Offering both a loop trail around a cultivated pond and a Japanese-style garden, Mingus Park is an above-average community park (although not quite in the same league as the likes of Hendricks Park). Paved trails, old-style lamp posts, ample benches, and of course the pond and...

Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint

September 4, 2014

Being only 14 miles away, Heceta Head Lighthouse is the closest to my residence of coastal Oregon’s nine public lighthouses. The other eight sentinels each have their own 100 Steps page. Lighthouses just beyond Oregon’s borders are also referenced: Cape Disappointment on the north side of the Columbia, St. George Reef and Battery Point lighthouses just south of the California border. But Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint has been absent from the mix. Now I can now tick that final...

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