Walks: Depoe Bay

Walks in Depoe Bay, Oregon

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Depoe Bay Wayside

If you’ve travelled between Newport and Lincoln City, odds are good you’ve stopped at the Depoe Bay wayside. The ocean is right there next to the walkway that runs along Highway 101, with parking tantalizingly close. Who could resist? The weather does its part to… 

Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area

Lincoln County contains 60 miles of Oregon coastline. Through the efforts of governor Oswald West in 1913, coupled with 1967 legislation, this pristine shoreline and all of the Oregon coast is “forever open to the public.” There is a loophole to this mandate: while foot… 

Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint

For some reason I had always thought Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint, a popular roadside turnout off Highway 101, was named after a person.  Not an unreasonable assumption, since many Oregon parks bear names of prominent Oregon figures who had a positive impact on the…