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Walks in Port Orford, Oregon

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Port Orford Wetlands Interpretive...

This interpretive walkway through the Port Orford Wetlands offers an educational experience in a marshy setting. Tucked away in a neighborhood, bird watchers and biology enthusiasts will likely spy all sorts vegetal, avian, and mammal delights. For those of us less environmentally savvy, it is… 

Port Orford Heads State Park

A fascinating piece of Coast Guard history is captured at Port Orford Heads State Park. When open, the Lifeboat Station Museum offers free tours (donations accepted). The historic two-story building with narrow, steep stairs was less enticing than the forested trails on the beautiful, sunny… 

Humbug Mountain State Park

Just south of Port Orford, past what is indisputably one of the most spectacular views of the Oregon coastline from Highway 101, the day use area of Humbug Mountain State Park sits tucked into the shadow of the mountain itself.

Battle Rock City Park

Fantastic views are visible at every angle from Battle Rock City Park. The coastline vantage stretches from the unique port of Port Orford and Battle Rock past a smattering of islets dispersed throughout the broad bay to the smooth treed hump of Humbug Mountain.

Garrison Lake Boat Launch

As my husband and I drove around Port Orford during our visit, I kept glimpsing a lake through the buildings and trees. I was determined to find access to this particular body of water, so when I saw a sign for the Garrison Lake Boat…