Walks: Reedsport

Walks in Reedsport, Oregon

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Below are all 100 Steps options starting with the newest additions. You can learn about terrain, distance, seating, and more when you choose to view an individual walk.

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Umpqua Riverfront Boardwalk

Boardwalks are ideal walking destinations: salty water lapping below a level plane on which to tread, ample seating, fresh air.  In addition to these typical boardwalk offerings, the Umpqua Riverfront Boardwalk boasts a restaurant, as well as the Umpqua Discovery Center and its gift shop…. 

Umpqua Wayside

If you’d like to get out of your car for a closer look at the river while driving the scenic Umpqua Highway (Oregon Route 38), the Umpqua Wayside is just the ticket.  Take a peek at the Brandy Bar, an unintended 1850 sailor party location,… 

Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area

There’s no guarantee you’ll see elk at the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area, but if you look carefully chances are good you will at least glimpse some in the distance.  If you’re lucky, like the day my husband and I visited in June, you’ll see…