As my husband and I drove around Port Orford during our visit, I kept glimpsing a lake through the buildings and trees. I was determined to find access to this particular body of water, so when I saw a sign for the Garrison Lake Boat Launch, we took a quick turn. I did not plan for it to be a 100 Steps destination, but the rich cobalt lake waters and charming wetland surroundings make it worth sharing.

Fishing deck

50 Steps Wheels:

A short jaunt from the parking lot takes you to the fishing deck. The low slanted railing has slots to rest poles dispersed at intervals. Only a short spit of sand on the opposite side of this finger of the lake separates it from the open ocean. Tranquil amidst the Port Orford bluster, I found it a pleasant venue to drop a layer of two of unwanted stress and drink in the fresh air.

Walk Details for Fishing deck
Terrain: Gravel and then decking, all level.
Seating: No seating on the deck. There is a picnic table under the gazebo that you pass on the way.
Fee: No fee
Restrooms: Yes, on the east end of parking lot.
Directions: There is a sign for Garrison Lake Boat Launch is near the Chevron station at the intersection of Highway 101 and 12th street. Follow 12th street until you see the sign for 12th Street Boat Launch. You can see the fishing deck from the parking lot.