Below are some links related to visiting the Oregon Coast that you may find helpful.

Park Passes

parking permitDay use fees are required at some locations. You can avoid some of these fees if you have a camping receipt or the appropriate recreation pass.

Passes for Oregon and Washington:


dogs on leashDogs are allowed to accompany you on your walk at many outdoor locations, in accordance with local leash laws and park regulations.

Walks on 100 Steps include a pet designation. This is accurate to the best of my knowledge based on the date of our visit.

Since many of the 100 Steps walks are enjoyed at Oregon state parks, you can check out the Oregon State Parks, Pets in Parks (PDF) for pet guidance at these locations.

Location Pronunciation

pronunciationThe pronunciation of place names in Oregon and other Pacific Northwest locations can be tricky – often American Indian names that may have morphed over the years. Alsea, Siuslaw, Coquille, Yachats, Yaquina, and many others can leave one guessing as to what is correct.

To solve this dilemma, I recommend the Northwest Pronunciation Guide.

Whale Spotting

Whales migrate past Oregon twice a year, and whale spotting is a popular coastal activity.

To learn what to look for, see The Whale Trail.

Whale Watching Spoken Here lists migration times, the best places to scout for whales, plus dates and locations volunteers can teach you about whales.

Accommodations for Limited Mobility

Outings on the Oregon Coast – or anywhere beautiful – are certainly moments to cherish. In order to facilitate a pleasant stay, you want vacation accommodations that will meet your physical needs.

My husband and I camp when we are away longer than a day trip, so I am not personally familiar with accommodations beyond our own travel trailer. But in order to address inquiries regarding accessible or limited mobility friendly homes available on the Oregon Coast, I have gathered a few resources you may find helpful.

Before booking any place that claims to be accessible or accommodate limited mobility, I encourage you to look at photos and ask detailed questions of the host to ensure a vacation rental will meet your specific needs.

Good luck finding a place for your next coastal getaway!


airbnbAirbnb lets you search their list of rooms, apartments, and homes for those tagged Wheelchair Accessible. There are no specific criteria or certifications to use this label, though; it is at the host’s discretion.

Here is how filter on rentals tagged Wheelchair Accessible:

  1. After searching for dates and city, click the Filters button. Additional options will display.
  2. Click the small triangle to expand the Amenities section. More amenities check boxes display.
  3. Check the Wheelchair Accessible option, and then the Apply Filters button.

Rob and Debi Hertert Vacation Rentals

Debi Hertert let me know she has two accessible coastal rentals. She says of her properties in Lincoln City and Seal Rock, Oregon:

We have homes that are handicap friendly, rather than ADA wheelchair accessible. Which means that there is living on one level and mobility impaired, using a walker, will be comfortable.

The Hertert’s properties can be seen here:


If you have rented a place suitable for your own limited level of mobility, contact me and I will share your feedback.

If you would like your own limited mobility friendly or accessible rental listed, contact me.

State Parks Guide

park guide

For a listing of all Oregon state parks, denoting features such as camping, fishing, wildlife, marinas, and more, see the Oregon State Parks Guide.