We skipped Hug Point State Recreation Site during our prior trip to northern Oregon.  Lured by images of a romantic setting that entices lovers to embrace, I was not going to miss it a second time!  Before our visit, I learned that the seductive location name was not rooted in amorous outings, but instead dubbed due to the need for travelers to closely skirt the particularly difficult cliff obstacle jutting into the sea.   Nevertheless, my husband and I paused to share a hug as we viewed the coastal surroundings.  How could one resist at a place called Hug Point!

Ocean view

125 Steps Wheels:

A broad, paved but steep walkway leads to a bench with views of a rocky shore, and the north and south bluffs jutting into churning waves.   A couple of large off shore rocks add visual interest to this tucked away viewpoint.

Walk Details for Ocean view
Terrain: Steep paved decline to a bench that sits a few feet above beach level. Uneven stairs to beach are steep with no handrail, and the beach itself is covered in wave-smoothed stones, so if you need better walking conditions (I certainly do!) this is not a good choice for beach walking.
Seating: One bench at end of trail, a bit above beach level
Fee: No fee
Restrooms: In parking lot, walk on pavement to reach them
Directions: Park is located between Cannon Beach and Oswald West State Park, on the west side of Highway 101. Look for the Oregon State Park sign indicating the turn. The trail is at the west end of the long parking lot.