I’ve found I like to visit boat docks.  They offer the feel of being on the water – a naturally soothing activity for me – without the exertion of launching a watercraft.  Those I’ve visited have had minimal traffic, yet when in use by others their activities serve to enhance the amusement.  Buried in the middle of the river side of Nehalem’s “main drag” (in other words, the block or so that encompasses all of downtown), the Nehalem Public Dock is unique in that it caters to folks with similar water-loving preferences by including benches at either end.  Probably intended for seated fishing comfort, no lures or tackle are required to perch and watch the calm flow of the river, the gentle waving of the riverbank trees, or the occasional vehicle passing over the distant bridge.

River bench

75 Steps Wheels:

Although stormy conditions prevailed the day we visited, the river was calm and glassy.  The sun briefly pierced the clouds, causing aqueous sparkles and glimmers.  At the end of the ramp, you have your choice of the left bench or the right bench.  Neither path leads down a rabbit hole or to Emerald City – just to the nice reality of a seat over an Oregon waterway.

Walk Details for River bench
Terrain: The level paved parking area leads to a sloped gangplank with handrails on both sides. Steepness varies based on water level. The dock is flat and level, with no railings.
Seating: One bench on each end of the dock. Also three benches by the entrance, two of them under shelter.
Fee: No fee
Restrooms: No
Directions: In downtown Nehalem off 7th street. The dock is clearly visible from the indicated parking area.