While camping at Harris Beach State Park, my husband and I glimpsed a small blip on the horizon, recognizable as a column when viewed with binoculars.  During a subsequent stay in Brookings, I wanted a closer look at this offshore sentinel.  Unless you have access to boat or helicopter, the best place to spot what we learned was St. George Reef Lighthouse is Point St. George, so we targeted Crescent City for a day trip.

Excursions to coastal northern California dotted my youth, dating, and early marriage years, but I’m pretty sure Crescent City was never on the itinerary.  What an unfortunate oversight!

The roadway at Crescent City’s west edge meanders next to a pristine margin of turbulent Pacific.  I found it reminiscent of the popular 17-Mile Drive skirting the Monterey Peninsula.   Those responsible for street names in Crescent City must have felt the same; the oceanfront route is designated Pebble Beach Drive, presumably after the toll section of its famous cousin.

Rather than world-class golf courses – with the high-end housing, shopping, and dining establishments that accompany such extravagance – Crescent City’s seaside has a serene, captivating, undiscovered feel.  Packed with natural beauty, the opulence is left to surf and sea stacks.

As an added bonus Battery Point Lighthouse, water bound at high tide, is accessed from the south end of Pebble Beach Drive.  And the northern region is covered by Point St. George, where on a clear day, from a trailside hilltop vantage, you can identify St. George Reef Lighthouse rising from its perch atop the ship-threatening Dragon Rocks.

Two lighthouses and gorgeous coastline all jam packed into a four-mile stretch make for a superb coastal outing!

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St. George Reef Lighthouse viewpoint

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At Point St. George a dirt path cuts through the low grassy weeds of rolling hills to overlook the sea.  St. George Reef Lighthouse, California’s most northern luminous tower, is the pinnacle of sights from Point St. George, but the coastline and offshore rock formations are spectacular as well.

Looking for a beach stroll?  In order to reach the enticing expanse of sand, a broad swath of stones must be crossed.  If you’re up for the challenge, then this beach is for you.  If not, stick to the Point St. George paths for a scenic stroll with less tricky footing.

Walk Details for St. George Reef Lighthouse viewpoint
Terrain: Dirt path of moderate incline with some uneven rocky and muddy areas.
Seating: None
Fee: No fee
Restrooms: No
Directions: From Highway 101 in Crescent City, head west on 9th Street until it ends at Pebble Beach Drive. Turn right and follow Pebble Beach Drive until you reach the Point St. George parking lot. Trail head is on the north side of the lot.