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Devil’s Lake State Recreation Area

Years before “binge-watching” was added to dictionaries and Black Friday was such a wildly popular phenomenon, several hours of each Thanksgiving weekend in my youth were spent sitting directly in front of our 14-inch TV, my elbows resting on the small hand-caned footstool my dad… 

Old Town Florence

Lakes, beaches, the river, the dunes, and the friendly community are all reasons folks choose to live or vacation in Florence. The boardwalk and ferry landing overlook are at opposite ends of charming Old Town. Each allows easy walking in an enjoyable setting and seated views of the river…. 

Port of Siuslaw

The Port of Siuslaw is a local stomping ground and an event hub for Florence. It can be quiet and solitary on a winter weekday or full of hustle and bustle on a sunny weekend. During special events such as Rhododendron Days, which heralds in… 

Port of Garibaldi

Growing up in central California with a scuba diving dad, to me “garibaldi” has always meant a bright orange pacific coast fish. Although I don’t recall, I may have even seen one of these colorful specimens amongst the kelp forests of Catalina or near one… 

Brookings Harbor Boardwalk

I recall waking to an odd sound in the early hours of March 11, 2011. “Is that the Tsunami siren?” Couldn’t be…could it? My husband checked online and found that the Oregon coast was on alert, the aftermath from the calamity in Japan. Areas of… 

North Bend Boardwalk

North Bend Boardwalk is an array of contrasts. A patterned cement walkway lined with manicured planters containing drought-tolerant plant choices makes it obvious this boardwalk was planned in the 21st century. Yet nearby, timber is hoisted onto ships by huge cranes swinging palettes of 20…