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Walks that feature a place to fish

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Below are all 100 Steps options starting with the newest additions. You can learn about terrain, distance, seating, and more when you choose to view an individual walk.

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Yaquina Bay Bridgehead Day Use Area

According to Oregon.gov, an average of 16,500 vehicles per day cross the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon. You can get close-up bridge photos and even touch one of massive pillars supporting all this traffic at the Yaquina Bay Bridgehead Day Use Area. Perfectly suited… 

Woahink Lake

If there was a vote for best central Oregon coast lake, I’d cast mine for Woahink Lake.  I’d even venture to say it’s among the top in the state, which is noteworthy for a state with abundant water bodies.  Part of Jessie M. Honeyman State… 

Nehalem Public Dock

Nehalem Public Dock is unique in that it includes benches at either end, allowing you to watch the calm flow of the river, the gentle waving of the riverbank trees, or the occasional vehicle passing over the distant bridge…. 

Garrison Lake Boat Launch

As my husband and I drove around Port Orford during our visit, I kept glimpsing a lake through the buildings and trees. I was determined to find access to this particular body of water, so when I saw a sign for the Garrison Lake Boat… 

Sunset Bay State Park

Sunset Bay State Park and the surrounding area is one of our favorite places to camp and tour. It offers fabulous views from rugged cliffs as well as easy-access beach walking. Several picnic tables are easily accessible from the Day Use Area parking. There is volley ball net… 

Cleawox Lake

Located in Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park, Cleawox Lake is one of my favorite coastal lakes. It offers quiet isolation during the cooler months. And it comes to life in summer with beach goers of all ages, providing a lingering “summer camp” feel. It is bordered by…