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Walks that feature a river view

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Below are all 100 Steps options starting with the newest additions. You can learn about terrain, distance, seating, and more when you choose to view an individual walk.

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Bandon Marina

Most visitors to Bandon spend time at the opulent, art-laden Bandon Boardwalk.  Unless docking there though, its Port of Bandon cousin just around the corner, the Bandon Marina, is a drive by rather than a stop. The Bandon Marina rests within a broad bend of… 

Maritime Memorial Park

Quick! What do these have in common? the longest continuous truss bridge in North America, a set of memorial walls, commercial fishermen and other hardy seafaring folk, clowns, a semi-centennial  celebration. If you answered “Astoria, Oregon,” you’re not wrong.  And “The Columbia River” is a… 

North Fork Yachats Covered Bridge

Covered bridges are to rivers what lighthouses are to coastlines – a reminder of bygone days, an era both simpler and rougher.  While covered bridges lack the protective role played by lighthouses (and are free of tales of hauntings!) they are structures of beauty that… 

Astoria Column

If restricted time allows you to visit only one attraction in Astoria, my hands-down recommendation is the Astoria Column. Our trip to Astoria was in late winter, just days after savage storms rattled windows and peeled loose shingles.  “I was scared,” shared a local resident… 

Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site

Winter is the perfect season to watch the rowdy Pacific strut its powerful awesomeness. Storms bring strong winds and turbulent seas for spray-packed ocean shows. While rain is an inherent part of the short days of the year in Oregon, on the Central Coast it… 

Old Town Florence

Lakes, beaches, the river, the dunes, and the friendly community are all reasons folks choose to live or vacation in Florence. The boardwalk and ferry landing overlook are at opposite ends of charming Old Town. Each allows easy walking in an enjoyable setting and seated views of the river….